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Jo’s Place Hostel in Huaraz, Peru

It is a lodging for tourists, families, backpackers and travelers from all over the world.

Jo’s Place, is one of the best hotels in Huaraz, ideal for tourists, family trips, executives and travelers from around the world. You will access one of the most equipped rooms, because it will cover all your needs. In addition, the hotel is located near to the central location of Huaraz city. The accommodation in Huaraz, satisfies all the expectations of tourists; because its customers are the most important and strive to offer the quality service it deserves. Since they want their guests to feel at home and see in them people to trust.

Our customers say this about us!

Since its arrival, our staff has the mission of serving you and offering you the best service. During your stay at our hostel, we strive to provide the best care trying to make you feel at home

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