Free online slot machines

The world’s first slot machine was created by a car mechanic from San Francisco in 1894. Charles Fey’s Liberty Bell machine was quite simple and gave players the opportunity to win a whopping fifty cents. Interest grew and Fey quit as a mechanic and started making more slot machines. It was not until the 1970s that the first electronic slot machine came onto the market and then the days of one-armed bandits were soon over. Online slot machines that existed in casinos and gambling halls became very popular and thanks to internet accessibility, online slot machines came to online casinos in the late 1990s. Read on in our online slots guide to find out everything that Sky Games has to offer you in the world of slots. We tell about different types of slot machines, how they are played and where you can play them.

Online slot machines

It’s pretty easy to play online slots these days. There are hundreds, if not thousands, of online casinos and slot machine specialists that have many varieties of slots to choose from. There are so many different themes on slot machines you can find online that it can be very confusing at first glance, but it’s not that. All modern slots work on the same principle as the one that Fey made 120 years ago. There are a number of reels that rotate and you win if you get a combination in a row on the reels, simply and simply. There is some difference but this we talk about in a little more detail further on in this guide.

Canadian slot machines

Canadian players can look forward to playing slot machines online because there are many that are created according to their needs. There are themes like vikings that appeal to Canadian users and many are actually developed by game providers that are based in the Nordic region. Gambling and especially slots are quite big in Canada and there are many Canadian slot machines that can be found, even here at Himmelspill. There are many different game providers that we review here on our website.

Free slot machines

If you are a newcomer to the world of slots, you may be a little concerned about not betting your money while learning a little more about them. The good news is that you don’t have to. You can play slot machines for FREE here at Sky Games. We have many of the latest slots that you can enjoy, play and practice without risking a single penny. It is smart to practice a little to find out how various slots should be played, how bonus rounds work and other nuances of each slot machine. Remember that you are playing with virtual money and if you win a jackpot it will also only be virtual and it will not be possible to transfer the winnings to your bank account.

Different types of slot machine

There are more than just diverse themes such as film, TV or superheroes to choose from. There are actually different types of slots that you also have to choose from in order to find your favorite. Some players prefer those with a more old-fashioned feel while others prefer more modern and complicated editions. It is a slot machine that is suitable for everyone. Here are some of the various types:

Classic slots

Classic slot machines are very similar to Fey’s machine. There are very few symbols, no bonus rounds and quite often only one Payline. There are usually only three drums on that kind of machine, just like in the old days. The only thing missing when playing that kind of slot machine is the arm on the side of the machine.

Video slots

Video slots are by far the most popular type of slot machine available. You will find several thousand variations of these and each online casino has many to choose from. There is a lot of animation and nice graphics on these and it is most often a theme on the machine. It can be ancient Egypt, the Mafia, pirates, or whatever. The game gets a little more complicated due to paylines. On classic slots, there is only one, in the middle space of each reel. With video slots there tend to be five reels and paylines can be from one to over 100. The lines are not always logical and it is not always so easy to realize that you have won. Fortunately, the payment is automatic. You don’t need one of the same symbol on each reel either and there tend to be payouts for three of the same type and in some cases only two on an active line. Many video slots have fun bonus rounds where you can win even more money and there is a lot of cool stuff going on there.

Mega Spin slots

You may find that it is not exciting enough to play only one slot machine and want to play several at the same time. If you’ve tried it in your browser you know it’s going to be pretty hard to keep up with the excitement. With Mega Spins slots you get several on the same screen at the same time. You will find 3 or 5 reel slots and up to 9 spinning at the same time. Then it is possible to look at 45 drums rotating in front of your eyes at each point.